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It had been going so well.

What started as a casual evening stroll through Highgate Cemetery in 19th-century London somehow turned into a flight for their lives. Data did not know why they were running, only what they were running from-- three rather large human males, who seemed quite angry about something. He had also caught glimpses of weapons in their possession, namely a pistol and what seemed to be a horsewhip. (He might have wanted to observe them more closely if he had not been so concerned for River's safety.)

She knew the city better than he did, and she was the one who suggested they take advantage of the city's sewage system.

And that is how they ended up here.

Data turns to River finally. "Now that we are no longer in immediate danger, may I ask why those men might have been pursuing us?"

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He seems to know that she is teasing him. One side of his mouth cracks into a full half-smile, and his eyes narrow playfully. He follows her movements, lightly tracing patterns in similar areas in the hollow of her hip and the inside of her thigh. Though he pauses several times to shudder at the feeling of her fingers against his skin.

"It seems you have rather heightened expectations of my abilities," he notes. "It is fortunate that I do not experience performance anxiety."

He lingers for another moment, then gently pushes her down onto her back. He kisses her, starting with a brief but deep kiss against her lips, then moving gradually downwards to her jaw, her throat, her collarbone. At the same time, he has slowly been moving his hands upward across her abdomen and her sides, until they stop to press against her breasts. He teases just one of her nipples lightly with his thumb.


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