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It had been going so well.

What started as a casual evening stroll through Highgate Cemetery in 19th-century London somehow turned into a flight for their lives. Data did not know why they were running, only what they were running from-- three rather large human males, who seemed quite angry about something. He had also caught glimpses of weapons in their possession, namely a pistol and what seemed to be a horsewhip. (He might have wanted to observe them more closely if he had not been so concerned for River's safety.)

She knew the city better than he did, and she was the one who suggested they take advantage of the city's sewage system.

And that is how they ended up here.

Data turns to River finally. "Now that we are no longer in immediate danger, may I ask why those men might have been pursuing us?"

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She moans into his mouth, her touch more than a little frantic now. Her hips shimmy and buck against his, and for the first time in their interaction, she's not in control, not even a little.

He's driving her higher, pleasuring her with every grasping touch, every kiss, every thrust. He's pushing her to that place where she can't do anything by dissolve into a haze of white heat and blissful overload. She has to pull back from his kiss, burying her face against his neck, shuddering hard and crying out as she tips over the edge.

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The cry is what sends him over the edge, and he emits one of his own, as the pressure explodes out of him again. The pleasure he experiences is just as potent this time, if not greater, to his delight and surprise. His entire body goes rigid, and his arms lock tight around her, solid and inescapable. He shudders several times, moaning and almost laughing, holding her as close as he is able and trying to feel as much of her skin against his own as possible. It feels so warm... He believes he is beginning to understand what humans mean when they describe a "glowing" feeling.

He smiles this time while he attempts to catch his breath, though she cannot see it. He brings his cheek to rest against hers for a moment, keeping her close. His grip on her releases to the point where he is cradling her more than trapping her, and he leans forward just slightly, until most of her weight is resting in his arms. He bends to plant kisses on the soft skin of her neck, keeping them so soft it is almost teasing.
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It takes a long time for her to drift back down, and she revels in the feel of his arms around her, his cheek against her own, his lips on her skin.

She keeps her eyes closed and savours the moment, letting her respiration return to normal, sighing softly. Gradually, her grip on him relaxes and her hands skim down to the small of his back. Her thighs still hold tight to his hips and she is not entirely still against him.

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Data continues to kiss her, enjoying every millisecond as it exists, not wanting to let go. He lets his thought processes wander slightly. His kisses are a little deeper now against her skin, and climb upwards until he finds her lips again. The kiss is deep, but soothing. One hand reaches up to stroke her hair before he pulls back to look into her eyes. He shifts a little bit against her as well, resting his forehead against hers.

"What are you feeling?" he asks her, quietly.

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She drinks deeply of his kiss and is reluctant to be parted from it, but yes breathing is not exactly overrated.

She looks up at him as best she can, smiling.

"I feel a strange contradiction of sated and impossibly aroused. I'm very happy to be here, with you, but a little sad at the prospect of having to let you go at some point in the future. Mostly, I'm just content, because you feel really good holding me like this." She steals another kiss.

"And then there's the little hint of erotic anticipation, because it's your turn to pick positions, even if I should probably drink something before we continue."

He did ask, and she can be just as thorough as he is, when she so desires.

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If asked, he would admit that the he did not expect such a thorough answer. But he certainly appreciates it. Even more pleasing than the amount of detail, however, is the content. Her words cause a warm smile to spread across his features, and compel him to roll over and tackle her onto the mattress again, pinning her there and greeting her lips with yet another quite enthusiastic kiss.

"I am sad at the prospect of having to let you go as well," he tells her, stroking her cheek with his thumb and burying his fingers in her hair. He means it in both senses of the phrase, in that he does not want to be physically parted from her in the present, and it is even more depressing to think that he will eventually have to say goodbye to her and return to the Enterprise. He is quiet for a moment, and simply looks at her face, studying the flush to her skin and the glistening beads of sweat that still hang there.

"But you should probably drink something," he agrees finally, with an almost inaudible sigh. "I suppose that you will also require food within the next few hours."

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She gasps and giggles, groans against his mouth as he pins her, coming up a little breathless when he finally pulls away.

"I know, pesky organic bodies. I think I'm fine with water for now. And there's rations in the pack in there, so I think we're fine for this evening." She tips her head back into his caress at her scalp, much like a cat seeking more of that wonderful sensation,

Her fingernails graze down his back, again not enough to break the skin, but enough to leave light trails of sensation. "And you don't have to let me go any time soon. I mean, I'd love to see your starship."

Her voice drops to a sultry purr. "But later. I want to know what you have in store for me next, Data."

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"Mm. I would love to show it to you," he murmurs against her ear, pulling closer and shuddering slightly at the feel of her nails. He places a few slow, lingering kisses on her neck and cheek, then pulls back to look at her face again.

"Later, of course. However, I will not continue with our current activities until you have met your 'pesky organic' need for additional fluids," he teases, kissing the tip of her nose.

(He would be a gentleman and get it for her, but he did not know if she was planning on using the sonic screwdriver to manipulate the remaining water in some way, as it is probably still warm from when she was washing.)

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He kisses her nose and she giggles even louder, still purring through it all.

"Oh Data, it won't take me but a moment but -- you have to let me up first."

Her eyebrows rise in question at their currently wonderfully entangled state.

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"Perhaps I consider the duration of time described by humans as 'a moment' to be too long," Data suggests, kissing the apple of her cheek and pausing to breathe in her warm scent. But he does let her go, untangling himself and rolling over to the side of the bed closest to the wall.

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She holds his gaze, holding one of his hands in hers and pressing a kiss to his palm, folding his fingers around it.

"Sometimes we need mere moments apart, to appreciate the moments we are together," she muses, never breaking his gaze.

She manages to never once look away, even when she reaches into her bags and retrieves a canteen that looks far more advanced than anything he's ever seen. She does have to look away to drink, and she does drink long and deep, but as soon as she's done and recapped the canteen, she's moving back to him, slipping beneath the covers with that same feral look in her eyes.

"Now, you were going to show me something amazing."

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Data watches her with a focused gaze. The technologically advanced container does catch his eye, but does not hold it for long. He seems much more fascinated by the subtle movement of muscles underneath the skin of her throat, as she swallows the liquid.

Once she is beside him again, he slips one arm around her waist and pulls her closer.

"I do not recall ever making such an assertion," he says, one eyebrow raised in continued amusement. He lets go of her waist to softly trace the contour of her hip, staring into her eyes all the while. There is enough humor in his voice and his eyes to indicate that he is simply teasing her.

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There's a distinct flutter to her eyelids when he caresses the curve of her hip, and her hands seem to take that as permission to do a little exploring of their own.

"Oh you never said as much, flat out, but you hinted, didn't you?"

Her palms smooth across his chest, down his stomach, fingertips marking the hollow of his hip before continuing on, the backs of her knuckles grazing his erection again, a deliberate slow tease.

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He seems to know that she is teasing him. One side of his mouth cracks into a full half-smile, and his eyes narrow playfully. He follows her movements, lightly tracing patterns in similar areas in the hollow of her hip and the inside of her thigh. Though he pauses several times to shudder at the feeling of her fingers against his skin.

"It seems you have rather heightened expectations of my abilities," he notes. "It is fortunate that I do not experience performance anxiety."

He lingers for another moment, then gently pushes her down onto her back. He kisses her, starting with a brief but deep kiss against her lips, then moving gradually downwards to her jaw, her throat, her collarbone. At the same time, he has slowly been moving his hands upward across her abdomen and her sides, until they stop to press against her breasts. He teases just one of her nipples lightly with his thumb.


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